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First crossing paths in the tear-stained halls of high school in 2005, Pierre and Lehkie began exchanging ideas, doing artwork, and writing songs while highly inspired. Pierre, always finding great musings in Lehkie's work, began collecting Lehki's music and created a catalog over the course of a decade. In 2019 DaddyMother was founded by Pierre and soon joined by Lehkie, , who are both non-binary and use they/them prounouns, creating DaddyMother as an homage to their queerness. The antithesis of the project was to record the songs, melodies, and poetic writings that Lehkie and Pierre had created, both together and separately, over the past decade which had never had the opportunity to be properly recorded. Fearing many songs being lost to the back catalogue, Pierre saw it paramount to give Lehkie's songs and lyrics their due, as without them many of their own songs would not have been created without the electricity and brilliance that was felt by Lehkie's music. Pierre began re-imaging them as dance songs which would make the listener feel uplifted. DaddyMother's debut album, ' bébé was recorded between 2019-2021 in Detroit and Asheville. The first version of the album featured various artists in Detroit, all friends of Pierre, each contributing arrangements to the songs. Traveling then to Asheville, North Carolina, Pierre would then record Lehkie's vocal parts. The conceptual idea of the  bébé album was to create a pop opera, telling the hero's journey through various songs selected from Pierre and Lehkie's back catalogue. In September 2020, right as the first version of the album was to be mastered, Pierre teamed up with Simone Sprague (They/Them), who, upon hearing the album and the difficulties that were occurring in the mastering process due to less- than- ideal recording conditions, wanted to produce the album.  Pierre, secretly having always wanted Simone to work on this project, gladly accepted Simone's offer. Between September 2020-to April 2020 the bébé album was then once again reimagined and created. The final version of the album consists of Pierre, Lehkie, Simone and Mat. Mat (They/Them) had previously collaborated with Pierre in songwriting and appeared on the initial demo version of the album. The three Detroit residents traveled to Asheville in November 2020, where Pierre and Simone set up a recording studio in Pierre's former teenage bedroom, and created and recorded all songs featuring Lehkie and Mat. The remaining songs were recorded in Hamtramck, Michigan in Simone's studio. Simone created new dimension to the bébé album with their incredible musical production skills, creating the final version that Pierre had only dreamed about. In May 2021 the bebe album had a limited release of 80 physical copies, all of which were designed and stamped by Pierre.

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