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DaddyMother is a collaborative musical project headed by Pierre PapaMere (Detroit, MI) and primary collaborator Lekie (Asheville, NC). Pierre and Lekie have been working on music together for over a decade now, and with this project they made the leap into full- scale, multi-dimensional production. Beginning in Summer 2019, they began revisiting the catalogue of music over the past 10 years and dusting off the favorites which never got their propers.  DaddyMother is an electronic based musical project, with a focus on creating tunes that are uplifting and danceable. DaddyMother's debut album 'bébé', follows the tale of the hero's journey, where the main character realizes that radical change is necessary in order for the hero to live their life's true purpose. Producer Simone Sprague (Detroit, MI) gave the album the high-definition necessary to bring this story to life, incorporating live instrumentation, afro-cuban influences, and vocals. 


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